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Wim Versluis,

Primary school De Triangel, Aalten

“School photographer Foto Koch unburdens the school. You do not have any extra work because the school photographer handles everything directly with the parents. I have been working in education for 40 years and have been doing business with Foto Koch all the time. I still have my first class photo as a young teacher. Made in 1972 by Foto Koch, but still good colour retention. “

“School photos are an essential part of the school, just like school trips and class parties. Because they can not fail, you choose the best school photographer. That is why Foto Koch has become a part of the school with us. “

Bert Sengers,

R.K. Basisschool De Hoeven, Beuningen

“I’ve been working with school photographer Foto Koch for 20 years. Last year our school switched to the online service. That saves a lot of work. Previously we shared photos ourselves and we kept track of which parents had already paid. Now we are no longer involved as a school. “

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What is interesting for you; we will not send you an invoice under any circumstances. In addition, all team members receive a nice credit from school which they can spend on a photo package of their choice.

Parents order a package or individual photo sheets to their liking and receive them on luster professional photographic paper. We think it’s important that parents do not have to slice the photos themselves, so we deliver all photo sheets in the standard format of choice. For example, 13 x 18 cm or 20 x 28 cm. We already offer a package from € 5,50.

Parents simply pay via iDEAL or receive an invoice by mail with which they can pay afterwards.

In addition to the prints on photo paper, canvas print, photos on wood or dibond, various photofun products can also be ordered. All these products are made with much love. A nice mouse pad for the sweetest mum or dad, a mug for all children of group 8 who says goodbye, or a beautiful canvas of that great family photo! For schools we offer more than just photos. Everything is possible, so please feel free to ask us.